We believe education is comparable to agricultural engineering and not industrial engineering. You can count how many seeds are in an apple, but you can’t know how many apples can grow from a single seed.

A teacher is a guide who gives the child confidence, hope and love; and the one who the child respects and learns from.


With long-term and systematic teacher training courses, our teachers are professional and passionate individuals who are willing to join us in the field of experimental education.


Through curriculum modules such as subject knowledge, lesson plan development, project design and teaching demonstration, our professional development system equips our staff with the right tools to prepare our students for the future.

        Hua Wen’s teachers are guides to our student’s learning. We believe character development is more important than knowledge acquirement. Just as Confucius taught us, that filial piety is the foremost virtue, followed by humanistic qualities, then finally professional knowledge.

We strive to flourish children’s different talents through student-centered education. Our teachers aspire to be role models to our students; a Socratic leader that guides and cultivates the students’ lifelong learning skills. Faced with the uncertainties of the future, our students will not only have strong adaptability but also high competitiveness and the courage to a better life.

​From the principal

—  from Lung, Yu Chin


        We would like to express our gratitude to the outstanding experts in different fields for their professionalism and dedication to the Experimental Education for Taiwan and the global Chinese community. With the children in mind, through the power of sincere and deep dialogue, we strive to make Hua Wen a fertile ground for nurturing the seeds of the future.

Our Education Consultants

  • Kenn Ross     Minerva Schools at KGI​

  • Mr. James K. Chang, Co-founder of Global United University

  • Dr. James Chiao, formerly a Professor of Science and Technology Studies at New York University

  • Professor Yeh Hong Mo, Visiting Professor at the University of Toronto

  • Doctor Chang Chia Sheng, CIO of Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd

  • Doctor Fu Mu Long, formerly the Deputy Director General of the Department of Overall Planning at the Ministry of Education

  • Professor Lu Chin Hsieh, Professor of Special Education at the National Taipei University of Education

  • Professor Vincent Chang, Faculty Advisor of the English Curriculum & Instruction Consulting Team at the Taipei Department of Education



A successful education requires the wisdom of teachers. We aspire to do whatever’s necessary for the students. We share the same traits of OPR (Openness, Passion, and Respect.) We are more than just teachers but also tutors, coaches, and mentors, building a SMART campus.

Principal  Lung, Yu Chin

Master of Education, University of Taipei

Director of General Affairs Chen, Chia Yu

Master of Educational Administration and Evaluation, University of Taipei

Director of Student Affairs Guey-Jen Lee

Master of Tamkang University Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Leadership


Coding Lulu Tseng

Master of Education in Technological and Vocational Education, National Taipei University of Technology


Science  Liang, Wei Ya

Bachelor of Education in Social Education, University of Taipei


Science  Eric Wei

Master of Applied Science (Environmental Science), University of Sydney, Australia


Chinese  Lee, Hui Ju

Master of Education, Ming Chuan University


Social Studies  Mia Lin

Bachelor of Education in Language Teaching, University of Taipei

English  Michael Chen

B.A. in Economics, University of Victoria


English  Liya Sun

M.A. in Developmental Psychology Teachers College, Columbia University


English  Jacki Evans

B.A. in Chinese Studies, University of Durham


English Kelly Wang

Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, Kent State University


Math  Lyon Lee

Bachelor of Mathematics Education, National Taichung University of Education


Art  Liu, Hui Min

Master of Arts, Savannah College of Arts and Design


Art  Elena Chang

Master of Visual Arts Practices, The University of Castilla-La Mancha


Music Lee, Szu Hua

Master of Music in Piano Performance, Miami University

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